Ram sale will be held on Tuesday the 30th of October 2018 at 1 pm with 46 rams for sale

Southern Victorian Merino field Day Friday the 19th of October


Why Choose Coryule Merinos?

Coryule Merinos specialises in quality horned and poll merino studs.

  • Large framed fertile stock
  • Stylishly white wool
  • Early maturity

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Showing at Bendigo, Ballarat & Hamilton & Open House

We take a show team each year to the Australian Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo, the Ballarat Sheep Show and Hamilton Sheepvention.

Private Viewings

You can  contact us to arrange a private viewing at our Stud.

Coryule Pastoral Company

Coryule Pastoral Company is a broad acre farming operating growing wheat, barely and canola. Due to our location, we have a good climate for growing high yield quality crops.

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News from Coryule


Hamilton Sheepvention 2017

Grand Champion medium wool ewe

Grand Champ[ion fine wool ram

Champion Pen of three ewes.

Reserve champion fine wool ewe


Ballarat Show and Ram sale

A good showing at Ballarat with surpreme exibit with our fine wool  ewe.

Grand Champion Fine wool ewe and ram, champion fine wool merino ram and poll ram.

As well taking out the trophy for the fine wool section.

Grand Champion grand medium wool ewe.

The next day we put up 4 rams for sale our poll ram topping the sale at $10000 and an average of $5813.


Australian Sheep and Wool Show Bendigo 2017

Our Nerstane 231 daughter did very well being awarded junior champion fine wool ewe, reserve champion fine wool ewe and reserve champion August shorn ewe.

The merino rams did well in large classes just missing out on the places with the poll ram and ewe coming second in class.



Balmoral sheep show 2017

A good start to the 2017 show season with our team doing well at Balmoral.

Junior champion ewe with a Nerstane 231 daughter she was also reserve champion ewe and champion fine wool ewe.

Champion superfine poll ewe.

Champion fine wool poll ram.

Champion fine wool merino ram. 

Ballarat Ram Sale Results 2016

We sold four rams averaging $3187.50 with a top price of $7000 and this was the top price of the sale, he was judged champion sale ram and one other of our rams was reserve.

Hamilton Sheepvention Show Results 2016

Grand Champion Ram (our first ever)

Champion Fine Wool Ram

Champion and Reserve Poll Superfine / Fine Wool Ewe

Australian Sheep and Wool Show 2016

Reserve Champion August Shorn Poll Fine Wool Ewe

Reserve Champion Poll Fine Wool Ewe

Ballarat Sheep Show 2016

Grand champion Poll Ewe

Champion Fine Wool Poll Ewe

Champion Super Fine Poll Ewe

Reserve Champion Super Fine Ewe

Reserve Champion Medium Ram

Champion Fine Wool Ram

Reserve Champion March Shorn Fine Wool Ewe


Champ and Reserve Ballarat Sale Rams with Judge Michael Collins

Champ and Reserve Ballarat Sale Rams with Judge Michael Collins

Reserve champ poll ewe

Reserve Champ Poll Ewe

$7000 Ballarat Sale Ram

$7000 Ballarat Sale Ram